ASC O5 Membership

Any organization which is materially or directly affected by the work conducted within the committee may become a member of ASC O5. Membership must remain diverse and cannot be dominated by organizations within a single interest group (Producer, Consumer, or General Interest.)  Membership may be limited in order to maintain balance between interest groups, and is subject to approval of ASC O5.  Each member organization may appoint a voting representative and an alternate representative to serve on the committee.  Organizations interested in joining ASC O5 may submit an application for membership to the Secretariat.  Members are required to pay annual membership dues.

Membership Application

To apply for membership on Accredited Standards Committee O5, please complete the membership application below and submit to the ASC O5 Secretariat. Please note that approval is based on committee balance, so not all applications are approved.  If approved, the Secretariat will invoice your organization for calendar year dues.  If you prefer, you may also pay dues online using a credit card, and the payment will not be processed until the membership is approved.

Click here to download a Membership Application   (Adobe Acrobat Document - PDF)

Click here to download a Membership Application   (Microsoft Word Format)

Annual Membership Dues

Dues for each calendar year are $250.  Membership is not required for participation in committee activities, however, the Secretariat may assess administrative fees to defray costs associated with non-member participation.  For more information on dues and administrative fees, please contact us.

Financial Contributions

Committee activities are financed by Annual Membership Dues and Financial Contributions.  Organizations seeking to support the efforts of ASC O5 are encouraged to donate funds which help defray costs necessary to operate the committee.  For more information, please contact us.

Current Member Organizations and Their Representatives

Note - In the following list:   (C) = Consumer Member     (G) = General Interest Member     (P) = Producer Member
A.W. Williams Inspection Company (G) Edward D. Williams, Jr.
Edward Morrissette (alternate)
Alabama Power Company (C) Alan Blankenship
Alamco Wood Products, LLC (P) Kris Pierce
American Transmission Company (C) Justin Kavanaugh
APA - The Engineered Wood Association (P) B.J. Yeh
Bell Lumber & Pole Company (P) Jim Fixsen
Brett Franks (alternate)
Brooks Manufacturing Company (P) Shannon Terrell
Curt Aylen (alternate)
Bunya Telecom Consulting LLC (C) Trevor Bowmer
ComEd (C) David D'Hooge
Cox Industries (P) Jim Healey
Byron Altman (alternate)
Dis-Tran Overhead Solutions, LLC (P) Pat Bordelon
Victor Cazares (alternate)
EDM International (G) Rob Nelson
Andy Stewart (alternate)
Hughes Brothers, Inc. (P) Larry Vandergriend
Intec Services, Inc. (G) Andy Kudick
Laminated Wood Systems, Inc. (P) Bob Reisdorff
Langdale Forest Products Company (P) Jim Hickman
Lonza Wood Protection (P) Tim Carey
Grady Brafford (alternate)
McFarland Cascade, a Stella-Jones Company (P) Kyle Cassidy
McIntyre Associates, LLC (G) Craig McIntyre
Minnesota Power (C) Reed Rosandich
Mississippi State University (G) Mike Barnes
National Centre for Timber Durability and Design Life (G) Jeff Morrell
National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association (C) Jim Carter
Nick Klein (alternate)
Nelson Research (G) Nelson Bingel III
North American Wood Pole Council (P) Martin Rollins
Kevin Ragon (alternate)
Oncor Electric Delivery (C) Rick Hausmann
Blake Voth (alternate)
Oregon State University (G) Dr. Arijit Sinha
Jed Cappellazzi (alternate)
Osmose Utilities Services (G) Tom Pope
Chad Newton (alternate)
Outside Plant Consulting Services, Inc. (G) Larry Slavin
Power Line Systems, Inc. (G) Otto Lynch
Brandon Grillon (alternate)
Public Service New Mexico (C) Norm Sedillo
Rural Utilities Service (USDA) (C) Chendi Zhang
Trung Hiu (alternate)
Southern California Edison (C) Brian Flynn
Michael Hansen (alternate)
Southern Pressure Treaters Association (P) Joey Wheat
Phil Myers (alternate)
State University of New York (G) Bill Smith
Bob Meyer (alternate)
TB Consulting, LLC (G) Todd Brown
TLine Engineering, Inc. (G) Vahid Zakeri
T.R. Miller Mill Company (P) Ron Cauley
Thomasson Company (P) Randy Deweese
Brent Gray (alternate)
Timber Products Inspection (G) Mike Dilbeck
Jeremy Williams (alternate)
University of Minnesota (G) Jerry Winandy
Viance, LLC (G) Bob Baeppler
Kevin Archer (alternate)
VPC Energy, Inc (G) Art Peralta
Western Area Power Administration (C) Karen Rowe
Rebecca Afsar (alternate)
Western Wood Preservers Institute (P) Eric Pitner
Butch Bernhardt (alternate)
Wood Preservation Canada (P) Martin Tauvette
Craig Frohlich (alternate)