ASC O5 Leadership 2019-2020

Committee O5 Officers

Chair Vice Chair Executive Secretary
Nelson Bingel
Nelson Research
(vacant) Colin McCown
American Wood Protection Association

O5 Subcommittee Officers

Crossarms and Braces Subcommittee  (O5.3 and O5.4)

Chair Vice Chair
Shannon Terrell
Brooks Manufacturing Co.
Jeff Morrell
National Centre for Timber Durability and Design Life,
University of the Sunshine Coast

Glulam Poles and Timbers Subcommittee  (O5.2)

Chair Vice Chair
Todd Brown
TB Consulting, LLC
Bob Reisdorff
Laminated Wood Systems, Inc.

Roundwood Poles Subcommittee  (O5.1 and O5.4)

Chair Vice Chair
David D'Hooge